re: Workbench inspiration

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Yes the floor is concrete, a little beat up and pitched about 4" from front to back as well. I considered redoing the floor but there are a number of obstacles that make it not worth doing. The pitch is the big part. Also, the ceiling is already less than 7’ and literally every inch counts – especially because I’m 6’-4". Above the garage is bedrooms. It’s built into the house so I don’t have that luxurious rafter space for storage, etc.

Ideally, I would have a flat and level floor. Then I could put everything on casters and rearrange it on a daily basis if I wanted to. But adding 2"-3" to the floor and then having a steep drop off or step at the garage door just doesn’t work for me at all. That’s also one big reason why I’m taking my sweet time designing the flow of the workspace because it will be more or less permanent after I build a bunch of cabinets and shim them and tie them to the wall. If I don’t get it right I’ll suffer in the future.

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