Woodworking Awards - Winter 2022 - are closed for entries
Sorry BB1, but you're underestimating yourself... All (or nearly all) of my puzzles, and I have (pause while I go count) 74 of them that I plagiarised from the internet (and one even from some bloke called Da Vinci...) all made out of solids using basic woodworking machines... primarily a tablesaw with a decent dado blade and a bloody good crosscut sled.
I just use a laser cause it's repeatable and I've got one to spare (long story). 

Having the "measurements", layout and solution, puts them in the capabilities of most woodies.
Most of my files are available (all my stuff is free of charge) on my cloud storage,
but I'm keeping that a secret for future publications here....shhh!

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD