yet to have the that is soooo much better than the one that is 1/3 the price...Most are aluminum and I am afraid to drop them!  

Sorry mokey... I can go el cheapo, I have a bucketfull of Ryobi stuff,

You must be p(l)aying with your wrong 'peckers... Like Fe$tool, they are not 3x better with the 3x price tag... but if you want better you gotta open up that lobster pot wallet... and there's no all-u-minimum in this unit.

Floaties are just a tad cheaper than a big Ship, but I know what I'd rather go cruising in.

Everything is overpriced if you don't want/need them... a "two penny bunger" is grossly overpriced if you hate firecrackers. 

It is because of that general opinion that people don't bother looking at Fe$tool and Woodpecker$ and that's why I reviewed it to bring it to the attention of people that would shy just from the mention of that name.
I'm just leading all you hosses to water... 

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD