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Woodpeckers Parting Tool

Woodpeckers Parting Tool

Boys and Girls
I wanted to post this as a "Review", however, not knowing how to I decided to speak with forked tongue and make this a two pronged post...
  1. Presentation of my parting tool cady.
  2. Review of the Woodpeckers Parting Tool.

There is a heated debate to whether Fe$tool or Woodpecker$ is the least bang for bucks.
Personally, if you want quality, you’ve gotta pay the shekels… You may get others at half the price, for which the gravy boat is not twice the flavour, however, sometimes a product comes along that shatters all myths and I’d be remiss if I kept it under my belt... and reveal it like my ample belly.
Being a gadgets man, I decided to try the Woodpeckers Parting Tool
It’s on special now, and those few reduced shekels may entice some of the more frugal turners to dig into their lobster pot wallets… or use rc’s if it's ever found (llooonnnnnggggg story) .
I’ve had a number of parting tools at a combined price of much less than the Woodpeckers offering.  Now if you happen to have a cheap(ish) one and happy to regularly sharpen it, or even a dear one and happy to regularly sharpen it… or even a bloody expensive one and happy to regularly sharpen it forget the ‘peckers’s one… and Hokie… not it’s not all-u-minimum.
Unfortunately I can only show this old “diamond” one
that will probably never be used again, as all my other ones (like this Sorby)
have all been donated to one of our Men’s Shed, long before I decided to do this write up.
They come with a replaceable fluted tip and you can purchase additional fluted or square tips

and supplied with a fitting tool, 

You may say…
“If they’re so bloody good, why do you need a replacement tip?”… that’s ‘cause if you’re clumsy like me and drop it, Murphy dictates it’s gonna land on it’s tip and if you have a concrete floor, the impact will disagree between both the unwilling  parties.  If you have a wooden floor, Murphy’s father will guarantee that the tip will dislodge and while it can be re-inserted, you’ll probably never find the little sucker amongst all the crap on the floor… and if your floor is clean, Grandpa Murphy will ensure it’ll manage to slide under something you cannot move or access… so buy a backup as you can’t sharpen a missing tip (if you so choose to), and dentists charge a small fortune for chipped teeth.
This is a picture of cuts made with the ‘peckers and the old ones…
The red circled (sounds better than ovaled) furry lines were made by the then recently sharpened Sorby blade, while the neat cuts were made by the ‘peckers… and in half (or less) time.
As always for those that hate reading, I’ve made a quick (for me) introductory video of the tool,

and a SketchUp animation of the cady,


If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD


sometimes duckie i actually appreciate you ! 
hey hold on duckie,you posted this as a project ? did you make this yourself ? i dont think so !!! shame !!!!!
Oh why only sometimes?

OMG the sander and missing wallet has migrated here now.

not actually having a lathe, (I do but its hidden at Ant man's Farm)  I think the parting tool is nice but of no use to me and could actually beat my Hollow Chisel Mortice for being the least used piece of kit in my garage.
dentists and chipped teeth  I think he may have used a parting tool on my wallet! $360 AUD if you please, and for just one mintie .

thats all from me...parting is such sorrow!

Regards Rob

Hey Pottzie, great to see you hanging in there.

Duck, send me some of that fat stack of cash you're sitting on, and I will buy some green and red tools. Heck if you move fast, we may be in time to make it Christmassy. 

Duck kinda looks like that high $$$$ tool chewed up that piece of round stock??? 

It's good seeing familiar names. 

If it's as good as you say ( also the reviews on it, videos etc. ), The price really isn't that bad. I might just have to look into this more. I can always use more lathe tools. Thanks for showing. Mike
Thanks for the review Duck.  We do need a review spot here


Good review Duck.

Main Street to the Mountains

Good review, Thanks Duck.

-- Soli Deo gloria! ( To God alone be the Glory)

Damn red tools and their stupid cool features…

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

Full disclosure, I am the one that thinks they are overpriced that the Duck is referring to....I have several woodpecker products and have yet to have the that is soooo much better than the one that is 1/3 the price...Most are aluminum and I am afraid to drop them!  I have a 120.00 square that I have a clone that is blue, I paid 50 something for....I use it all the time, because I am afraid to hurt the woodpecker.  I have compared them in everyway and it is equal to the woodpecker in angle alignment, and measurement...
I love the Duck, but we disagree here!!!!  I do like the "holder" though!!!  and those carbide tools look to die for....