Abbas Yes, I am almost back to a high level of detail, but this time it is something that can be cut. Not fuzzy areas that leave doubt where my saw blade headed. The details in the original have to be made into distinct pieces without destroying the spirit of the picture.

Tim I know it seems time consuming, but I am training myself to forget about time and just enjoy each step of the process. Of course my approach is probably pretty amateurish at this point, but I think having the right attitude will pay off as my skill increases.

Brian It’s a journey. The kids in the back seat keep asking if we are there yet while the adults enjoy the ride. I started woodworking as a turner because I had to have a finished project in an hour or two, but now I know that most well done projects are made up of a series of small successful projects, so I congratulate myself and celebrate after completing each step (any excuse for a party)

Mike, an American living in Norway