I have no hesitation in fessing up that many/most of the Woodpecker$ and Fe$tool are overpriced, however, I have often mentioned in the past that if I was stupid enough to pay $830 (Aust) for a Makita cordless drill (it had features I needed at the time)... yes a Makita, how dare I to complain about cost of tools.

There are many F' & W' tools I don't own... all I'm doing is an "in your face bring them" to the attention of people that would normally not bother skipping down that "yellow brick" road without inserting their hands into all their pockets filled with capless tubes of CA.

If you're a turner and use parting tools, this is THE excuse to break your 'peckers's virginity and afterwards delete the Internet page from your browsing history. I usually review with my opinion, but seldom recommend so unreservedly... No, no Woodpecker$ shares held.

 I can fix you up with a bottle of Tokay for a swap 8^) 
I'd have to install a time-lock safe for that... and people wonder why I only drink cheap cask-o-vino.

 martin has said a review feature is gonna happen.it's on his to do list. 
I think Martin has enough on his plate at the moment, trying to cope with all you rowdy, demanding lot.

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD