We’ve worked with children’s ministry in the past and have always incorporated some type of wood project for them to make with us. We have band sawn animals and flower decorations for them to sand, assemble and paint. We have made book racks, a decorative table, plaques, holder for an adding machine tape for list making, etc. with the children. Most of these items were made for them to take home and remind them of something they had learned in our clubs. Others were made by them to be given to a teacher or other adult to show their appreciation. The decorative table was given by the students to the mother of a young handicapped boy in his honor.

With (or for) our grandchildren, we have made coats racks, doll house and furniture, wooden flowers for the yard, pencil/crayon/paint holder, a drawing tablet that held a roll of paper, and the list goes on.

I’m not certain if any of the children shared our joy of working with wood, but we hope we may have inspired some to try.


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