Yep, the router aside, the miter box left more dust on the floor than any other tool.  The floor all around the miter was always covered in dust.

For a while, I used the back of an old projector television, with a Harbor Freight dust collector pulling from it (it's only job, when it wasn't working with my Super Dust Deputy to doing lawn duty (pine cone and leaf pick up).  With a bit of tweaking, it worked, but it took up a lot of room I wanted to be stingy with.

SIDE NOTE: I ran the collector off an auto switch, which made it very convenient to use the collector and miter.

I finally grit my teeth and made the plunge and spent the money on a Rousseau 5000 Dust Solution. It took up far less space than my television projector solution. It did a good job of collecting, with an actual dust collector hooked to it. Even better when I swapped the impeller for the RIKON version.

There was a significant gap above my Bosch, which meant a lot of air was being drawn above the unit. I took a lesson from sanding table and laid a piece of nylon I had over the gap and the collection improvement was notable.

Now, I have NO dust around my miter.