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Some information about my workshop:

*Unisaw (Merlin splitter, Jet kick-down roller table, Excalibur over-arm dust extractor-guard, Unifence, 52" bed, I-BOX Box Jig, Cove cutting jig, Incra Miter Fence, Grizzly tenon jig, misc. blades, including shaping and dado blades)
*Powermatic 14" band saw (tension release, bearing blade back-ups / Carter Stabilizer, 2" to 36" circle cutting jig, log jig, extension table. . . )
* Bosch contractors (site) saw with gravity rise base
* Bosch 10" slidding, compound miter
* Dewalt 10" compound miter
* Porter Cable Saw Boss circular saw
* Dewalt 7-1/4" Hybrid circular saw
* Skill worm drive
* Makita Cordless circular saw
* PC bayonet saw
* Makita cordless bayonet saw

* Porter Cable P60 6" jointer
* Delta 13"planer

* Porter Cable 48" belt, 12" disk sander
* Jet 6" random orbit spindle sander
* Delta 1" x 42" belt sander
* Porter Cable 3"x21" & Dewalt 3" x21" belt sander
* Fein Multimaster
* Dewalt, Porter Cable and Makita 1/4 sheet sanders
* Porter Cable random orbit, variable speed sander, polisher
* Porter Cable random orbit, variable speed sander
* Milwaukee variable speed grinder (all the usual grinding disks & misc. granite router bits and polish pads)
* Foredom Dremel-Carver

* Delta 6" Grinder
* Delta 23-710 1/5 hp Wet/Dry Sharpening Center (only two stars)
* Edge Pro Knife Sharpener
* _________ buffer

* Router Crafter with single speed 690 Porter Cable
* Jet Over-Arm Pin Router running a Dewalt 2-1/4 hp variable speed router (plunge base shelved)
* Router table with Bench Dog lift, Freud fence and a PC 3-1/2 hp, variable speed router
* Colt and PC Laminate trimmers, Trend plunge router-die grinder, Hitachi 3-1/2hp plunge router, PC 690 variable speed with standard, D-Handle & plunge base, PC 2-1/2hp plunge router
* Dado jig

* Drills (standard & hammer), impacts,
* Drivers - Panasonic, Makita and Dewalt (drywall)
* Ridged floor model drill press

* 10" tile saw

* Sandblaster (for glass etch)

* 24" knife plotter for cutting stencils

* Misc. opaque projectors

* Makita and PC Compressors

* PC Framing and brad nailers, Pasload brad nailer, pin nailer, misc. staplers, siding nailer

* Remington nailer (25 cal)

* Jet 1-1/2 hp vortex dust collector with a canister filter following a Super Dust Deputy Cyclone; Jet 3 hp, 4 bag system (1 micron) following a trash can separator (again, for now); , a 16 gallon vac and a 2 gallon vac running off a Dust Deputy.

Part of a 30 x 60 garage (I'm trying to take over the remaining portions, but my wife is very sneaky).

A few details about me:

I am Imagination Unincorporated. When you run that name, I'll, pretty much, be your first hits. Unfortunately, what you will find is only a fraction of my efforts.

I take up housekeeping in the country called The State of Washington. More specifically, I'm in the eastern actually, central) portion. When you get to a place from which places you about one hour from five cities, all located degrees apart on a map, you're probably near my back door.

Wood, of course! Even more so if it's combined with granite, glass and mirror (etched and other). I'll even do a bit of carpentry, if it means improving the layout of my shop or home.

I enjoy dabbling a little in electrical and would enjoy getting back to some electronics, but there is only so much time.

Call it a hobby, but it's a serious one. I enjoy holding unruly public servant's feet to the fire and, since I was in administrative law for several years, I'm, occasionally, quite good at it.

Woodworking Experience (Years)
40ish years

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Dust Collector Upgrade [to Seal Leaks]

I’ve added dust collectors to my shop both because it’s necessary for some equipment, like my planer and jointer to operate and because I wanted to reduce dust and chips in the shop. A majority of collectors for small shops can be greatly...

Dust Collection - Not Just for the Shop (Yard Vaccum)

We have a few pine cones to deal with throughout the year. If I get to them right after they fall, the shop vac makes short work of them. However, if they sit, they start to open and clog the vac quickly. Additional to the foregoing, there is...

Welcome Kelly, looking forward to see your creations here.

-- Martin Sojka,

Welcome from East of you. spokane valley.

Wow … ok, although I’m all for woodworkers to have an amazing workshop, I’m kinda cheering for the wife – claim your corner, lady ;)

-- Toxins Out, Nature In - body/mind/spirit

Ha! I am compelled, by unwritten family law, to leave room to park the car in one of the bays.

Try as I might to coax my wife out into the shop, with things like how much fun sanding is, she passes on the opportunity to spend much time there. She has figured out where the glue gun and sticks hide, the rolls of various kinds of tape, the glues, etc.