I’ll be hanging unistrut under the building Mike. If I want to add an outlet, it’s just a matter of running the conduit, cutting a box in the floor and piping it down. Granted, if I want to move an outlet, I can remove the conduit from the box, pull the wire out and re-route both conduit and wire to the new location, but I would have to install a blank plate on the old box. Remember, this is a mobile home, with plenty of access under it to move around. Adding a wall outlet would be a bit trickier, but it could be done with romex through a stub up. I’ll be pulling THHN everywhere the conduit is continuous.

I can’t do any of that (especially the unistrut and floor boxes) until after the electrical inspection. The inspector would poop a turnip if he saw it.

Thanks Moke. I tinker on it as I can. The next major project is getting the power pole set and getting the electric on. Right now I’m operating on a 100’ 20A extension cord. The sooner I can get the power on the better!

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