Thanks for the tip kiefer. After battling 45°s for two days I wish I would have went with rabbeted corners and keys. I’m committed to all 45’s now. On the bright side all of the boxes have been cut and I only have two left to assemble. If anyone has a tip on how to keep the dang things square during glue up I would love to hear it.

I’m giving up on hand cut dovetails until I get a better saw Chris. I’m certain that is holding me back some.

Frenchy, for the keys I used this:

They have plans for a bigger, more fancy one, but this did the trick for me. The hardest part was getting the keys to exactly the right size. I crept up on it, then sanded them when I was very close. I wish I would have put four in the lower box.

Update time…

As I mentioned earlier, all of the boxes are now cut. I have two left to assemble. Once they are done, I have some ideas to “liven” it up some. I am going to glue a strip of cherry, maybe 1/4-3/8 thick to the bottoms of the upper boxes. I’m hoping it will break up the solid ash wall. I also decided to cut in some cherry handles in the top most boxes. Finally, I’m going to try to make two cherry frames for the lids. My idea is to use some kind of cushion on the lids that the wife can use as a pin cushion. It will make more sense when I get it done and post pics.
If I have time to finish the boxes tomorrow I’ll post another entry with more pics.

Happy Easter everyone!

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