re: Mini Lathe Stand

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Thanks for the idea. I’m going to put a flat shelf on the bottom tier, with storage for boxes, a large steady rest for the bigger bowl lathe, and other necessities. I make a practice of pulling the main tools for the current project and laying them under the lathe bed above, which is now Twice as long to hold them. If I turn 180º, the short-bed bowl lathe is easily within reach, and larger gouges and tools are stored both vertically and laid flat on a shelf behind it, so that’s my main storage of lathe tools. It’s a different spindle size, so the mini has to have storage room for chucks and tapered items. This whole side of the garage works together as a ‘turning station,’ with the two lathes, all the tools and the grinder within steps of each other. I worked on this arrangement since last fall,
and with the addition of this extended lathe stand, everything’s in place and I can get to work!

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