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Apr 2014

A self-taught woodworker and grandmother of nine, Barb is retired from owning a bookstore for twenty years, then retired from managing a local branch of a tour bus company, and is now an elderly care giver for family in need. The siren call of the workshop is always within reach!

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Carved Kitchen Utensils - Woodworking Project by BarbS

Carved Kitchen Utensils

Hand carved of Spalted Beech (which was too hard for carving easily…never again!) these 12"...

Small Bowl in Pear wood - Woodworking Project by BarbS

Small Bowl in Pear wood

Such a sweet little bowl, and I love this wood. I don’t know the type of pear, but it was from a...

Blanket Chest - Woodworking Project by BarbS

Blanket Chest

An older project done for my son and daughter in law in California. This is from an article in...

Chess Box  - Woodworking Project by BarbS

Chess Box

This is an older one of mine, with individual squares doweled together. It’s from an old plan out...

Catalpa, from tree to bowl - Woodworking Project by BarbS

Catalpa, from tree to bowl

A few years ago, we had a very large yard tree taken down. It was rotten through the center, to...

Chilean Tineo Bowl - Woodworking Project by BarbS

Chilean Tineo Bowl

Hello, folks. I haven’t been here in some time, but have been woodworking off and on. Involved...

Shop Upgrades #3: Hand tools rack

This is my basic hand tool collection, with others scattered around the garage/shop. Most-used tools are within arms reach of the bench, and it is compact enough to keep things sane!

Shop Upgrades #2: The Workshop

I worked all last year to get everything moved around in my workshop, for efficiency’s sake and to add in a new cabinet later when it’s built. I’m primarily a turner, so one half of my double garage is centered around that endeavor. Here it is...

Shop Upgrades #1: Mini Lathe Stand

I had purchased a mini-lathe bed extension over a year ago, with the best of intentions to build an originally designed, all wood stand beneath it with storage. I had it fully scale-drawn on paper, but but but, getting it done was another thing...


Hi Barb. I get to Wenatchee for doc visits at the VA and to harass my brother, in East Wenatchee.

Nice shop

Hello, Kelly. Nice to have another ‘local’ here! My shop is pretty cluttered, but it’s mine and I love it.

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Just a note to fellow woodworkers…I’ve decided to close down my retail website at Vista Print. I’ve loved having it, but now I want to shift all my wood products over to Etsy.com just to simplify things. Etsy has done a good job of promoting their business and drawing in customers, and having products on one site instead of two will simplify my on-line web time considerably. Working wood is wonderful, but spending hours on the computer for promoting things, well, it just sucks! ;-)

-- Might As Well Dance : http://barbsid.blogspot.com/