Well, after taking a few days off to do other things and pick up a couple of rare handplanes off of fleaBay, I got back to working on this. Took nearly two 30gal bags of planer dust to thin and shape my facing boards, but got’r dun… and started gluing them up. Due to size, I had to rely on weights instead of clamps on the verticals. * And yes, I scraped the squeeze out after it got tacky ;-)

When I got to the horizontal facing, I finally wised up and dug out the brad nailer. After cutting/sizing these the pieces decided to warp a bit. Nailing these down while gluing proved to be the best way to minimize drifting, as I nailed the glued ends first and then bent/warped the center into place and nailed a couple 1 1/4" final brads in the center to hold them there until the glue set.

By the time I got THAT done, my helpers put an end to my shop day and halted work. ;-)
I swear that Gray Cloud, the cat, is a boneless cat. No matter how you set this cat down, it just stays… and then falls asleep… Zzzz….

But anyway, supper was ready and Leslie wanted me to come eat. 8-)