Woodworking Awards - Winter 2022 - are open for votes


Pulled this out of a dusty drawer the other day, my first relief carving.
made me smile,

My girl friend gave me this carving knife kit as a gift a long time ago.
She also helped paint it.

Head in the clouds in love, sunshine and rainbows ….. we were so young.
38 years later and still in love.


also made the walnut and mahogany jewelry box for her too

The solid mahogany lid on this box warped a little after a year so I replaced it with this walnut frame and birds eye maple design.

The tree limb is dark walnut, the leaves are cherry and the splines are ebony.

Beautiful work on all those houses dustbooger. I am lusting after your shop and tools, not that I would know how to use them correctly, so I guess I am also lusting after your skills. Unfortunately I won’t live long enough or find enough money to acquire any of the above, but I’m glad to see that someone has them. Thanks for trying to keep this new site a safe, secure, cozy place to practice our brutality on whatever wood comes our way. Looking forward to anything you post.

Mike, an American living in Norway

Hey, that’s me…..I’m a Highland woodworker!

USS Enterprise CVN 65

that’s me on the right. Machinist Mate and deck swabber.

At sea on the back of the moving ship as a fighter plane is about to land 40 ft. above. notice the hook hanging down to catch the flight deck cable. It is so loud that this picture is hard to take without wanting to duck and run!