Kumiko Course

Kumiko Course
Kumiko Course
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Learn the traditional Japanese craft of Kumiko. The asa-no-ha motif is featured. Detailed steps to create the pattern are demonstrated and described. Guide Block plan included with course. Elevate your woodworking by incorporating Kumiko into furniture or wall art.

The Kumiko panels are created using several hand tools and some machinery in initial wood preparation. Follow me as I demonstrate the steps in creating a striking Kumiko panel you can incorporate in a piece of furniture, wall panel, or Shoji screen.

Topics covered in this 7 part Kumiko course:

  • Intro and history of Kumiko
  • Components of a Kumiko panel
  • Wood preparation of Kumiko components
  • Detailed video of Kumiko creation process
  • Detailed steps to create guide blocks
  • Techniques to simplify Kumiko making
  • Incorporating a Kumiko panel in furniture
  • Thicknessing sled
  • Bench hook project
  • Completion Certificate

What’s included?

  • 12 videos
  • 9 files

Start woodworking today! This 115 pg. eBook provides an introduction to woodworking and the tools necessary to begin woodworking. Woodworking is a broad subject but the eBook explains the essentials. An inexpensive first set of tools is introduced and how to use them. Woodworking terminology is described along with important concepts to guide you through woodworking. A simple woodworking project is included. The project involves building a woodworking aid to use in future woodworking projects!

Kumiko Detail
A short glimpse of the Kumiko process of creating the beveled components for the grid. A Guide Block and chisel are used to perform this. Video has narration turned off as it only demonstrates detail of the Kumiko process.

Kumiko Article
Print article describing the Kumiko steps. Detailed steps and images provide a good understanding of the Kumiko creation process.

Kumiko Course
The traditional Japanese craft and technique of Kumiko is explored in this Kumiko Course. The course introduces the concept of Kumiko and its history. Kumiko has its origins in Japan and is used in homes and furniture. Video modules and lessons guide you through the creation of a Kumiko panel. The asa-no-ha pattern or motif is featured in the course, a common pattern. The course is composed of seven video segments, a Kumiko article from my recent book, and plans for (2) guide blocks. The guide blocks are an important tool in the creation of Kumiko panels. Each step in the process of creating a panel is covered from preparing a rough blank to final assembly. Many techniques and best practices are covered in the course.

The Kumiko panels in this course are created using several hand tools although some machinery is used in initial wood preparation. Hand tools consist of a wide chisel, a smoother plane and block plane. Follow me as I describe the steps involved in creating a striking Kumiko panel you can incorporate in a piece of furniture, wall panel, or Shoji screen.

Guide Blocks
This module includes videos that demonstrate how to create your own Kumiko Guide Blocks. The guide blocks are used to bevel the ends of components to fit the Kumiko square grid. The guide blocks are an important part of the Kumiko process and can be used indefinitely to create Kumiko components.

The Bench Hook
Introduction to the bench hook and how you can apply it in your work. Bench hooks excel at cutting small parts to size. Kumiko strips are easily sawn on a bench hook using a fine-toothed backsaw. One the Kumiko strips are thicknessed and ripped to a uniform width, the bench hook excels at cross-cutting the parts.

Thicknessing Sled
The thicknessing sled is an easy to make jig that attaches to the workbench surface. Sliding a block plane along rabbeted grooves enables you to accurately thickness small narrow boards. The thicknessing sled is often used to reduce Kumiko strips down to a uniform size, but can be used for other components such as jewelry box dividers.

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    Kumiko Course 1
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    Kumiko Course 2
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    Kumiko Course 3
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    Kumiko Course 4
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    Guide Block 1
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    Guide Block 2
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    Guide Block 3
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    Bench Hook 1
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    Bench Hook 2
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    Bench Hook 3
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    Thicknessing Sled
  • Lesson 12
    Kumiko Close Up
  • Lesson 13
    Start Woodworking (eBook)