Coping/Turning Saw #1: Getting started - Handles


This is part 1 in a 4 part series: Coping/Turning Saw

  1. Getting started - Handles
  2. Frame
  1. Finish

Another project first posted on LJ's - back in Jan 2021.
The saw's been in frequent use since then and the only thing I've changed is that the string is now jute instead of cotton (I broke it and it's what I had to hand at the time).
I've kept the text as it was as it's my normal rambling picture blog of how I did it.

Spurred on by Dave’s coping saw and shamelessly nicking some ideas from Mads I decided to have a go myself.

Feel free to comment/criticise.

I jotted these notes down as I made it so everything is in the order I did it, hand tools only and with no clue or plan as usual.

Grab some branches that are about the right size, birch for the frame and apple for the handles.

Shape the apple into slightly tapered octogons, should be enough left to make the toggle later.

Coping saw blade, bit of brass plate and rod should be all the hardware needed.

Drill holes for the rod & test fit.

Make some notches in the rod so the epoxy has something to grab onto.

Epoxy on the plate and rod and leave it to set.

Epoxy on the plate and rod and leave it to set.

Trim the plate to match the handle shape.

Roughly round the ends over.

And that’ll do for the handles for now. I’ll need to add the cuts for the blade pin later.