Amigurumi Snow Globe

Inspired by this beautiful snow globe by "GoldenLucyCrafts", I wanted to try making a mini one and follow the usually ball formation pattern. 

  1. Magic Ring with 6 sc with blue cotton yarn
  2. (INC) with 2 sc in each = 12
  3. (INC) with (INC + 1 sc ) around = 18
  4. (INC) with (INC + sc, sc) around = 24
  5. sc around = 24
  6. sc around = 24
  7. sc around, changing to white in last stitch = 24 
  8. sc around in white = 24
  9. (Decrease: 2 stitches together, then sc*, sc) << sc*do an extended stitch)
  10. * sc; then pull yarn through lower stitch, yarn over and pull through all loops on the hook [see photo below]
  11. (Decrease: 2 stitches together, then sc) around, changing to red in the last stitch
  12. sc around (with red yarn) and then stuff the globe firmly
  13. (INC, sc, sc) around
  14. (INCR, sc, sc, sc) around
  15. turn your work to work from opposite direction and then do the CRAB STITCH around, which is basically doing a sc in the stitch BEFORE rather than the next one
  16. turn your work back around and then working from the front, working around the post of the CRAB STITCH, sc around 
  17. (Decrease, sc, sc) around
  18. (Decrease, sc) around
  19. (Decrease) around to close.  [ see photo below] 
  20. attach mini snowflakes or sequins to the blue yarn << my next step
The next step is decorating the snowflake with buttons or other items to give it that shaken snow globe look as in the original. 

The little version whipped up so fast ... and it is cute. 
I will be making more!
~ Debbie

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