Debbie, great to see you again.

I'm the one with the beard

Ok, now this is beginning to feel like home, for sure! 8-)


Yep, got the interview request. Gotten sidetracked frequently as of late. Promise to get to in within next day or two.



I really like this site. I’ve received good advice, met some sharp people, and it’s motivating.



David L. Whitehurst

that’s wonderful David!
So glad that you found us. … and are so actively participating!

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my first visit, and i joined, love the site. this was quite a switch for you. high quality workmanship

Happy Mothers’s Day and best wishes for you D . ~M

trying to put some items on, How do I do it, see nothing telling me where to post ..

Tks Ray

Ms. D.

I wanted to add something to a post I did a few days ago. Is there a way for me to edit existing posts?

Big Al in IN

Did you receive my email ??

New Message from MsDebbieP
Interview Request – August

Hello Rolundo; I’m hoping you will do an interview with me for the next Woodworking Monthly magazine!

If “yes”, you just need to answer the following questions and get them to me by Sunday, August 1st. (sorry, if that’s a rush).

Interested? Yes

First, your beautiful Red-tail Hawk
Why a “hawk”?
While playing golf I saw one in the trees and I took a picture of him. I enjoyed looking at birds of prey … since my previous project was a soaring bald eagle.

I saw some research drawings in the video, how much research did you do for the carving?
I search for images of “Red Tail Hawks” in the internet. I looked at probably 80 to 100 images and downloaded probably 20 to 30 images and printed the ones that I felt would give me the detail for my carving.
I also purchased the Illustrated Birds of Prey book by Denny Roders

What was the most challenging part?
Deciding on what pose for the Hawk. Also carving the feet to feet the base and attaching them to the base. My challenge and fun part is the conceptualization of the project.

What tips did you learn for your next carving?
That if my wood burning tool is too hot .. then the lines get really deep. In some cases I need more lines that are less deep. Also I will contour the feathers more before I wood-burn the details.

And the rest of the interview:

1. What is your “inspiration story” — where did your interest in woodworking all begin?
I retired about 7 years ago. Now I am 77 and started carving small figures about 2 years ago. I always liked to build Model Airplanes made of balsa wood. Last year on February 2015 I decided to carve a Mallard Duck that I had unfinished on my bookshelf for almost 30 years. Then I decided to do a Wood Duck, and then the Hen of the Wood duck. Later I carved a small Humming Bird, and the Soaring Bald Eagle . My last project was the Hawk that I plan to sell. ( My wife is not to happy to have the Hawk in the home.
My inspiration is to create realistic carvings. I love the smell of wood. For me it is a real joy to accomplish a task that I have already imagine and conceptualize in my mind.

2. Who is your woodworking mentor and why?
I really do not have any mentors.

3. Power or hand tools? … and why
I have purchased several power tools, Started with a Scroll saw, and did some crosses for friends and family. Also a Table Saw and a Drill Press.
3 months ago I purchase a new Wood Burning Set. with several tips.
I also have several knives that I purchased and use my Dremel Rotary tool to carve small details. I use whatever tools I feel will give me the best result for the task at hand.

4. What is your dream project and when do you think you will tackle the challenge?’
My dream project …. ?? probably the one I am working on right now. Purchased the wood and pattern for a Great Horned Owl, and glass eyes (not received yet) I also purchased a second book from Denny Roders on Owls. Have many images of Owls and already secured the base ( a stump from a dry “Eastern Red Cedar” ..) I drove to the lake close by and prepared a nice stump for the base of the Owl.

5. What is the greatest gift that this craft gives you?
The Greatest Gift from my hobby is the feeling of accomplishment when the project is finished. But the most fun in the mental process to accomplish the task. It keeps me active and busy every day and enjoy working with wood. Every piece I carve or wood-burn is a gift to my from my God, I enjoy doing the best I can with what I have. When I get tired I stop and do it because I enjoy the daily challenge.

6. What are your “words of wisdom” that you want to pass on to others, especially to beginners?
Learn all you can from books, videos, and mentors if you can find one. Be aware of the dangers of sharp knives and other power tools. Never hurry doing anything. Enjoy every minute that you work in a project. Do not expect any compensation from your work do it because you like it and do it to the best of your ability. Never settle for easy tasks .. challenge yourself to do challenging jobs.
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Crochet.Community – Knit.Community – CakesDecor – Jewelers.Community
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Hi Debbie,                                                                                                                                                                        Congrats on your renewed connection with Martins online projects, I'm sure you will be a great asset to Craftisian as you have been in the past. I've enjoyed seeing the many projects you have shared hear.

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Tried to send a message but I couldn't figure it out.

Hello MsDebbie,
With the "New" Lumberjocks failing miserably, I'm hoping Craftisian can come to life.  
The original format is what people loved.  Anything that can change to make this site more like his original version,  in my opinion,  would help the site grow.
"Pulse" was very important.
Being able to "reply" to some ones comment, without just posting at the bottom, is a great feature as well.
A lot of people liked the "top 3" although it didn't do much for me, it does give incentive.

Anyway,  hoping to help.

Figuring out how to do something you have never done is what makes a good challenge.