Hand Tool Book (new)

I have been busy writing my latest book in the past weeks. It is dedicated to hand tools and techniques to use them. Over the years, I have shifted to hand tools in my furniture studio. Although I continue to use machines to process wood from rough to dressed form, hand tools soon take over. I now enjoy a new quiet, dust-free environment I work in and focus on my work without noisy distractions. The new HAND TOOL WOODWORKING  book describes the hand tools I regularly use in my furniture making. The bench appliances or aids used in my work are also presented. Instead of a general book cluttered with hand tools you might occasionally use, the emphasis here is to describe the tools and techniques used in my furniture making.

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Discover how hand tools will improve your woodworking! This 130 pg. (eBook) provides an introduction to common hand tools and the techniques to use them. Embrace a new quieter, dust-free form of woodworking. The hand tools described are the tools used in my furniture making. Workbench techniques and bench appliances to make your woodworking more efficient are discussed. 

  • Hand Tool Overview
  • Saws and Techniques
  • Chisels and Techniques
  • Hand Planes and Techniques
  • Sharpening
  • Workbench Techniques
  • The Shooting Board
  • The Bench Hook
  • The Dovetail Jig
  • Conclusion 

Norman Pirollo