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Owner operator of Jump Smart Design, horse jump creations, do some finish carpentry on the side. 17 years old.

-- AJ

Work bench/station. - Woodworking Project by AJamael

Work bench/station.

Although it isn’t finished this is progeess I’ve made on my work station, the doors still need to...

Welcome to the site! I am over on PEI, my shop is behind the house. I have an uncle, my mentor, who lived in jemseg with a large shop 40′×60′ with multiples of every woodworking tool ever. He’s gone now but I still have very fond memories of that shop in Jemseg.

-- CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!

Thanks Thorreain, not to far from me! My shop is beside the house as well, don’t know the exact dimensions but it is a 6 bay garage equivalent. I wish I had a mentor can only imagine the memories you had!

-- AJ