corner cabinet

corner cabinet
corner cabinet
corner cabinet

Corner cabinets have raised panel doors on bottom and glass tops. Adjustable shelves in upper and lower section. I made the bottom and top case separate and then attached them using figure eight fasteners. A guy I know wanted me to build him one for his kitchen. Like most of my projects I built 2 and when he saw them he wanted both. I regret not keeping one because I haven’t had the time to build another for my wife yet. Sometimes the hardest thing is letting go of your work.



Very Nice! I always make one more for my wife.


I like this style of gear better them the crap you buy in shops well done hope your wife gets hers soon.

Beautiful. You did an excellent job

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Quality is there you should build three next time you could sell them all. Nice work you look confident in your abilities.

Also not wanting to let go of your work is a good sign that you like your quality.

Great job

Gene Peebles Rent A Man

Jerbear this is an excellent corner cupboard.

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