Chainless Foundation Crochet Blanket with Single Crochets

​I really love the chainless foundation chains. They are such a time saver. The chainless foundation method is an alternative technique for starting a new crochet project. Usually to start a new crochet project, you would have to chain the required number of chains and then start working the next round. In Chainless Foundation method, instead, you will create each chain and the corresponding stitch at the same time. Knowing how to do the basic stitches, be it a single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet and treble crochet with this method can be so helpful.
Today am sharing the pattern for Chainless Foundation Crochet Blanket .Crocheting a Blanket with this Chainless Foundation method is the best. You can straight away start with your project without the need to keep a track of the stitches. This method gives a neat and clean edge to start with.

Materials Used:-
Bulky Yarn
6 mm Crochet Hook

Customizable to any size

Written and Photo tutorial
Video Tutorial


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