Hello all!!!! A warm Welcome and Its a pleasure to have you here where I share my passion for handmade Arts and Crafts. My name is Rajeshwari Singh and go by the name 'Raji'.I am a Human Resource Professional and the brain behind "rajiscrafthobby".I am a avid bookworm and a complete craft addict. I enjoy many hobbies and my favorite crafts include crochet,clay,paper,drawing, embroidery and sewing and I do love experimenting new and creative ideas.Would love to hear from you. Please do leave your comments, suggestions….!!

Here is my website https://rajiscrafthobby.blogspot.com/

Hi Raji,

Great project!!!!  I would like to learn Crochet.  My late Mother did a lot of Crochet and made some beautiful Blankets.
I am a Hobby Wood Worker but also very keen to be able to make some very basic items with Crochet.
I found a good instruction site on youtube.  I will have a good look at it.