Monthly Book Giveaway - January 2023


The purpose of this display is to serve as decoration on various parties and celebrations - order was from a company who organize parties. Moon 195x195cm was made of16mm MDF . Main condition was to make it foldable due easier transportation in smaller car.....I mean - realy small - FIAT 500.
Real challenge was to make it looks authentic with such dimensions. First I draw shape on large paper format, cut it and transfered on MDF. I cut rough shapes with jigsaw, than with bandsaw by the line. Straight connection lines I cut on tablesaw. To make it foldable i used method with inserted small boards between two angle cut stripes - see back side photo.
Finish - water based white colour, on wood primer. 


cool project buddy. great to see you posting here.

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

Nicely done Ivan. Welcome aboard.

Main Street to the Mountains

I like your fastener solution. Very clever.
That's a monster maj... first thought they were small sparrow eggs till I saw your shadow on the concrete.

You can't hide from the crazies,

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD

Thanks guys....Yes...I'm baaaack!!


Great design to allow for transport.