Back to the sixties

My son asked me to make a simple cabinet for his turntable and record collection, The choice of wood type was walnut, which meant I had to start gluing it.  And that gluing was the biggest challenge.  During sawing it became clear that there was an extreme amount of tension in the wood. Also after sawing it turned out that there were ugly cracks in the wood.  Fortunately I knew someone with a large belt sander with which it was possible to sand the panels completely flat. fter that, the panels were 4 mm thinner. But they were just thick enough to place the hidden connections.. I have also used these connectors in the past. By loosening 8 wood screws and four legs, the cabinet can be completely dismantled. The Legs are made on the new lathe and are placed at an angle of 10 degrees under the cabinet. That is why the bottom of the leg  is equipped with rounded plastic caps, which are also made on the lathe.

At the lumberyard

Wood moisture control

Two beams for the hole cabinet. In total 250x50x5 cm for € 420., € 6200 per cubic meter.  I'm curious what this costs in the US where it comes from

Ugly cracks

Sanding MASTER
After sanding Grit 120

Treated with cellulose lacquer


Thanks for watching.


 I like the mid-century modern aesthetic.  

If I am doing the conversion correctly, that is .0625 cubic meters.  That would be 26.67 board feet (423.78 bdft/m^3).  8/4 Black walnut goes for around $12.50/bdft around me so that would be $333(~€ 313).  Again, if I am doing the conversions correctly.   

--Nathan, TX. Hire the lazy man. He may not do as much work but that's because he will find a better way.


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If I am doing the conversion correctly, that is .0625 cubic meters.  That would be 26.67 board feet (423.78 bdft/m^3).  8/4 Black walnut goes for around $12.50/bdft around me so that would be $333(~€ 313).  Again, if I am doing the conversions correctly.   

Then the price difference is smaller than I expected

beautiful cabinet dutch, love the design. walnut here in socal is about 14.50 bdf right now.

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

he should have been very happy with nice cabinet GR8 JOB 😍😎👍


That’s a great looking cabinet.  Nice design and execution.  
A very nice cabinet, simple design that looks great. Well done.

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Now that’s a gorgeous piece of furniture that will last a lifetime, top marks Jan 👍

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Great build, sure your son is delighted!!  I hate doing large glue ups.  Have to get thicker lumber so you can make them flat and square.  Looks like a great sander your friend has, a good guy to know.  The wood grain looks very nice.

Just checked my usual wood store and $14.25 for 6/4 $15.00 for 8/4.  But you bought enough that I would have gone to Hood Distributing and the $12.50 that Lazyman mentioned would be in the ball park.  With Hood you have to buy complete boards and I usually have a $50 piece of lumber left over.

Our son's wife wants me to make her a mid-century modern coffee table, also walnut, but surely not as much lumber.

daveg, SW Washington & AZ

Those records must be worth a small fortune.... and this little priceless project of yours has probably raised their value by quite a few shekels guilders euros!

I tried to price the timber here in Victoria, it's so expensive it's not listed on the internet site and one has to phone and negotiate a cost.

It's a shame you had to electrocute your specimen before carving up,

You have a good taste in clamps... must admit those vario style are great and worth those few extra shekels,

You did a good job on the legs...

must be the new Laguna... did you do anything special (jigs, templates) to make them uniform... or are they totally different shape and the pictures are photo-shopped?

Damn, if I knew about these,

I might not have bought my Domino... I bought it because of their breakdown hardware

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD

Nice contemporary Dutchy!

I see those crack (checks) in walnut all the time. Near the ends so I think it is the steaming/drying.

Last 8/4 walnut I bought was in 2017 @ 7.69/bf.

Thats $205 cu. meter and €193 with Nathans conversions. Dang inflation!
Thanks Ducky.

No photo shopping, free hand, and all four are are slightly convex, but no one see.s.

Like the 60s era cabinet.  Nice workmanship.   Finish is good also.   Seem to remember having one back when that looked like that or it could be just the legs.