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Toolbox 2.0


This is my personal toolbox that holds some of my hand tools. The case is walnut with maple lined “sunburst” dovetails. The top opens up and out comes the tool tote with 6 small drawers for smaller tools. On the ends of the main box is two drawers that hold chisels in the left drawer and hand planes in the right.



That’s beautiful, love the contrast between the woods.

well done!


Wow.. thats aewsome. You don’t have plans for this do you. This would be perfect for my line of work.

Beautiful Box- design-wood and craftsmanship.

Very nice.great heirloom i


I have no plans for this piece. It’s one of a kind, built over a span of two years in my spare time… It evolved as it was built.


Thank you all for your kind comments. Nothing is ever perfect and I still look at this piece with the thought that it could be improved on. Everything is a prototype! Hahahaaaa!



That’s some mighty fine woodworking! It looks more like a show piece than a tool box.

How did you do the top? Is it laminated? Steam-bent? Veneer?


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The top is built with a technique called ‘birds mouth joinery’. I will try to find a picture that shows the basic concept.. It’s not a very hard process, but there are more than a few steps…


Here is a column I built to display art, vase, bust or whatever. The client never paid up, so now it sits in my shop. The other picture is a cutoff from from another column. I outlined the birds mouth cut with a pencil for clarity. It’s built up from long identical planks that get dual 45 degree cuts on one edge. The other edge is left at 90 degrees. Cut 8 indentical pieces and do a glue up, securing and clamping with band clamps or surgical tubing (stretch the surgical tubing tight to apply clamping pressure). The advantage of the birds mouth over a simple bevel edge is that it won’t collapse when you apply clamping pressure, it indexes in the birds mouth. Let dry and mount the column on a lathe and turn it until it’s round. The top to my toolbox is built with this same method. There you go, this method has been around for a long time but I simplified it so that it can be made with just a table saw! Hope this helps!


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