Adjustable Stop for 45 Degree Sled

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Woodworking is on hold for awhile while my foot surgery heals.  This site has helped the time pass. 

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I made this adjustable Stop for my 45 degree mitre sled to cut the mitered corners for my TV Table project.
Took a couple of hours using wood I had in my garage from other projects.
The walnut frame for the table top was 52" long. I needed a way to get repeatable cuts. It screws onto the chevrons on the sled.
The two miter joint pics are from my end table and TV table projects.

daveg, SW Washington & AZ

Looks like it is dialed in perfect, nice!
Needed a way to set stops for the long sides of the tv tables.  Cut the perimeter frames for both with this set up.

daveg, SW Washington & AZ

Hadn't thought about what to do when you need an extended stop on a miter sled. A limited bag of tricks available compared with a straight cut.
Looks great Dave.

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