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Longtime LJ member & craftsian browser.
Now a Craftsian member and LJ browser.

hey bud so glad to see you here. im doing all i can do being banned to get everyone i care about outta lj's and over here. this is what lj's should be,as it once was.but i checked out verticalscope and there a monster.theve got over 1200 forums and why would they even care about woodworkers on lj's ? martin has this forum that he personally takes care of. also msdebbiep does a lot to help him. im giving him all i can to help build this forum up bigger and better than lj's ever was steve, stay with us man we need all we can get bud,
Thanks pottz - having joined LJ's when Martin was there this feels like home
yeah i joined about a year or so after he sold it. i wish i had known about this before.but hey,im here now. and so are you buddy.