Serving trays

Three more made for the arts and crafts fair.  

Carey Mitchell



Did you make a jig for the handles?


No, just marked the centers for the end holes and drilled.  Removed waste with scroll saw.  Have probably made 20 of these over the years.

Carey Mitchell

look real nice carey. have you ever made trivets for putting hot pots or bowls on. those sell real well too. ive done lots of those.

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

does the cork scorch?

Carey Mitchell

I seem to remember these, did you post them a few years back? Great look, lots of visual interest!

For coasters, cork is quite heat resistant and unless you are placing a red hot frying pan right off the oven top, I doubt you would ever notice. Of course there would be no plastic/glass over the corks  👍
Nice work.

I have made similar but smaller ones without raised sides to use as hot pads. Great gifts.
It looks like you did what I have done by cutting the corks in half length wise and saving the side with the labels on them. I cut mine on the band saw. 
I have even made them as kits.  I make the wood part without the corks installed and given them to people to glue the corks in themselves in their own pattern. 
"...... I seem to remember these, did you post them a few years back? Great look, lots of visual interest! "

I have made quite a few over the years.  Some were posted on "that other site" about 10 years ago.   Good mamory

Carey Mitchell

Good mamory
Hey! that would be plural and keep you eyes up buster! 🤠
The 10 years sounds about right, those would be great accessories for a wine bar/restaurant 👍
I joined one of the 4 cooking clubs here in our retirement community, hedging against the day when my wife will no longer be able.

Our December dinner will include gift swapping; cost to be less than $15.  Think I will put a ribbon on one of these.  

Carey Mitchell

Cool project. Are the corks covered in epoxy?
Glass, heatproof and easily washed.

Carey Mitchell