what do you mean no comment ? lol-so how are you licken this place so far ? im in heaven man. getting banned was the best thing that ever happened. if not id still be there dealing with all the bullshit. the over moderation and censoring has gotten to be just rediculous. hey any friends you have tell to get over here. i gotta say all the best people from lj's have come over with more everyday. as i said buddy,so glad to see you.

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

LesB is that a Corgi in your avatar, pretty sure it is.   Assume you own one or it owns you.   My condolences.   Our daughter who lives with us has a female Corgi, one year old.   DIL and Granddaughter have Corgis, Uncle to our daughters.   
After having Labs and Chessies all our life the Corgi is another thing.   Not sure it is a dog as compared to Labs.    
Just wanted to let you know of another woodworker who is dealing with a Corgi in the house.   So sorry for both of us.


Hey Steve,  We are totally in love with the Corgi; which by the way are not really just dogs....they are Corgis. LOL. 
Our current male, Micky, in my avatar is our 4th and is just turning two years old. He is the smartest, most independent, and affectionate of all of them.  Before Corgis we had German Shepards and Dobies. We got our first Corgi because they are sturdy and more portable for travel, camping and fishing, and while some of them may bark too much they are not "yappy". As one article I read said, "if they didn't shed they would be perfect". They can have strong personalities and being herders will try to dominate your life if you let them. With good persistent training you can easily over come that. Besides when you are out in public, camping , etc. most people will not approach you if you have a Dobie but everyone loves to pet a Corgi. Wish I had known that when I was young and single because they are real girl attractors.