Peterson Style Bluebird Houses in Western Red Cedar

These three bluebird houses are similar in style to others I hadmade in what is referred to as Peterson style, named after the originator.  Unlike other Peterson style houses I've made, these were made from Western Red Cedar.  The wood came from 6/4 x 12/4 pieces that were rough sawn, and so, they needed to be processed, and joined into panels before construction could begin.   I made them identical and similar to other Peterson style houses I'd posted, to include, for instance a predator guard around the opening hole (here, they're made out of hammered copper).   I also made pedestal/mounting bases that attach to a pole or tree, and allow the birdhouses to be set onto them for ease of installation, and also for ease of removal for winter storage or cleaning.  The outsides of these houses are finished in a water-based spar urethane to retain the beauty of the grain, while the insides were unfinished.



those are beautiful alan. the birds are gonna fight to live in those. id up the rent 😂

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

Thanks, Pottz!   I had seen a few prospective bluebirds checking them out, but, no takers yet.  My next move will be to make and install a mealworm feeder, which, for bluebirds, is like offering free beer!


Do you find these just draw Bluebirds, or do they get a lot of whatever birds? I already feed a bunch of Grackles, don't want to provide them with housing too......

They look good Alan.
Lots of features in those houses!
Re GeorgeWest's question, a friend of mine who I built one of these for, says that she's had a sparrow.  The others I've built like this haven't yet had occupants.  On these (and I put two in my backyard), I've seen several bluebirds checking them out, but no takers so far.


Fantastic looking bird houses.
Beautiful build and finish!

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

need to replace our blue bird house.  You gave me the inspiration and something to live up to.   Thanks  


Those are beautiful nest boxes. 
I think it would be better to leave the cedar unfinished so it can naturalize to a gray color which I find is more attractive to the birds.....unless you are trying to make them more attractive to sell them.

I noticed the one you had set up was backed by a wooded area. Bluebirds generally prefer open field or meadow areas where the catch flying insects and can't be attacked by hawks lurking in trees. They are very vulnerable to aggressive house sparrows who will actually kill them to take over the nest box and I have seen them kill tree swallows and bluebirds in the nest and then build their own nest over the body. 
LesB, yes, I could have left them unfinished, and yes, the reason I finished the exterior was for my aesthetics.  Also, the boxes are on the edge of a wooded area (facing a grassy area), which I needed to do to in order to abide by my condo rules.  And I've seen many bluebirds on the edge of this wooded/grassy area, and a few have checked out my boxes.  So, I'm hopeful that they'll nest there eventually.  


Like fine furniture for birds,   very nice.   Are plans with dimenssions on line somewhere?


Well done with a lot of thought, planning & build….
U checked off all the boxes for bird houses.