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I’m pretty proud of this piece. …since I’m fairly new to woodworking. (Less than 9 months) and of course. .I don’t have very many tools…lol
I always wanted to have a something that had a secret door or hidden compartment. …something cool like that..so… I made this gun cabinet. ..I also installed some hidden locks with magnetic keys . Why not right? Everything came together so nicely. …..almost scary. .how smooth it went. So..this is the out come …..I’m extremely happy it came out nice.

-- Ramey

I could have made it a hutch….but my buddy asked me to make a gun cabinet for him….he said I could use my imagination on the build..lol

-- Ramey

Very nice! Great inspiration! Had never given thought to magnetic key locks but I like your thinking!

Thanks….they work really well….very inexpensive. ….I used SOSS invisible hinges. …pricey. …but works awesome! They definitely can hold alot of weight.

-- Ramey

Awesome. Great finish

Excellent work! So were did you find the hinges and the magnetic locks?

-- Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

For the hinges I used Google and I searched for hidden compartment hinges. .found Soss hinges. .then I went to youtube and learned more about them…same with the magnetic locks…they are actually baby safety products to keep your babies out of the cabinets…. I found the magnetic safety latches at home Depot. …but got a better deal on both hinges and locks from eBay.

-- Ramey


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