Gun cabinet with a secret


I’m pretty proud of this piece. …since I’m fairly new to woodworking. (Less than 9 months) and of course. .I don’t have very many tools…lol
I always wanted to have a something that had a secret door or hidden compartment. …something cool like… I made this gun cabinet. ..I also installed some hidden locks with magnetic keys . Why not right? Everything came together so nicely. …..almost scary. .how smooth it went. So..this is the out come …..I’m extremely happy it came out nice.



I could have made it a hutch….but my buddy asked me to make a gun cabinet for him….he said I could use my imagination on the


Very nice! Great inspiration! Had never given thought to magnetic key locks but I like your thinking!

Thanks….they work really well….very inexpensive. ….I used SOSS invisible hinges. …pricey. …but works awesome! They definitely can hold alot of weight.


Excellent work! So were did you find the hinges and the magnetic locks?

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

For the hinges I used Google and I searched for hidden compartment hinges. .found Soss hinges. .then I went to youtube and learned more about them…same with the magnetic locks…they are actually baby safety products to keep your babies out of the cabinets…. I found the magnetic safety latches at home Depot. …but got a better deal on both hinges and locks from eBay.


I can’t wait to learn so much more on different styles and tricks for building projects. The kreg jig works great…but I think I would like to try a type of mortise fit. I don’t have many tools..but I’m sure with a table saw and router. .I can do quite a bit.



You have every right to be proud! Your hidden area is extremely clever and well concealed. You did a really fine job on the cabinet.


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That’s a great cabinet Nate. You did a great job, sometime it’s harder to do the research, but you finished the project perfectly.

CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!

very creative,excellent work.

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Very good build ,looks great

woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

I know this is very old but, did you use a plan for this cabinet?

If there’s a plan or material list for this please share

That’s an awesome cabinet! I’m fairly new to woodworking also and would love to attempt this! Do you have an item list and dimensions?


Are there any plans for this?