Chair and desk granddaughter Brooke

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That is one lovely desk and chair set! How blessed your granddaughter is!


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Very nice desk #2

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

Thanks I made one for oldest granddaughter so next came Brooke’s turn.the second one came a little easier from first I drilled holes in the pieces that roll up and down inserted 1/8 cable through them and soldered then even so she could move them easily used a little touch of soldering paste in the tracks and worked well ,she uses it a lot again thanks for your comment. I used to be a boilermaker but had spinal surgery and forced to lite working so now no pressure just stop and start when I like.

-- JeffMoore

Very nice work , another family heirloom and one happy granddaughter

-- Wheaties

Very COOL…

I wish I had HAD one like that when I was a kid… even NOW! :)

Are you going to give us Details of the project?

-- Have Fun! ...

What a gift. Very well done . And we have another family heirloom to be passed down for generations

-- Wheaties

All hand made with cherry.

-- JeffMoore


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