Carpenter's Hanging Plaque


Some cheeky wit combined with some scrap wood and some rustic twine makes for the perfect thankyou gift! A carpenter friend has been helping me out a lot with all of my woodwork particularly my carving and I decided to put my newfound tools and skills to good use. I don’t know if it’s very obvious but the second half of this piece was carved in the middle of a thunder and lightning storm so I was more jittery considering I was holding wood and metal! My shed does nothing for soundproofing and the door was wide open for additional lighting so I braved it anyway. I had fun with this piece and rather than completely stripping the previous colour off I worked with it and used it to my advantage. I have blogged about the actual making of the plaque separately


Sounds a bit scary working in a thunderstorm but you worked through it and came out the other end.

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Thanks guys, the thunderstorm was interesting to say the least but it was worth it. I saw the comment online a while back and I just couldn’t resist!