Jewelery/trinket boxes for Xmas presents


31 boxes all different sizes [used scrap offcuts], all felt lined [not flocking], deeper boxes have a removable drawer. All opposite sides are matching grains. 2 Panels sliced from each piece of timber to start. On some boxes, plain panels were used but each box has atleast 2’good grain’ panels to show off.
If you have not used Camphor laurel before, it is a very hard and somewhat unforgiving wood. Very tough on blades but the grain pattern can be so varied and spectacular or can look so plain.
All pieces came from a wood heap and rescued before being burnt.

Amateur woodworker doing therapy

Nice work mate. The greatest pleasure in the woodshop is building gifts. Keep up the great work.
Cheers. ?

My Woodshop is my happy place?

Wow that’s a lot of boxes great job.

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Thanks, I have a lot of female members in the family. I learnt a lot making these and next lot I will try a different way to felt line them. Not flock lined as most commercial one are.

Amateur woodworker doing therapy

wow and I thought I was busy doing 6 assorted projects for the grand kids and great nieces/nephews when do you find the time to them …….They all look great

Hill Bill, I just started to make them early and worked on them when I could. I still have to think of something for the nephews, but atleast there are not as many to make for.

Amateur woodworker doing therapy