Beautiful. Nice work.

-- Losing fingers since 1969

nice job … how did you do the pivot points ?

Family heirloom very nice, job well done.

-- -- Soli Deo gloria!

peg em and save em, good job.

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

-- Wheaties

OK to answer bill t , will probably give ya’ll a laugh ,but i didn’t want to wait on a order to arrive so i got creative , i had a roll up garage door given to me with all the parts , so for the record the rollers work good .1 and 3/4 hole 1/2 inch deep 4 short screws ad glue ,and cut to the right length lol.

great thinking way easier than what I did with dowels,spacers and long bolt :-) think I will try your way for the next one

Awesome! Neat idea for the pivots, too.

-- Keith "Shin" Schindler