Cedar Swing Twins


Some time back I posted the Cedar swing that my wife and I built to replace the cloth seat in our old swing. It was our anniversary gift for each other.

Both sets of kids have cloth seat swings that had also gone bad, so I brought one of the frames home and am building two. They both have the same swing, so I figured why not build both at the same time. Well, kind of.

So far, I have one built and the frame done on the other and the seat slats cut. So far, so good.

Got both the swings done and Selena coated them with Linseed Oil. We’ve delivered them to the kids and they’ve gone over well.

I actually sat with my daughter on hers and we had a nice conversation. These things rock. Well . . . .swing. :-)

Keith "Shin" Schindler

now that’s ready to swing(music),nice work.

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Thanks, y’all! Been neat engineering it to fit the old frames. I’ll post more pics later.

Keith "Shin" Schindler