Steampunk Industrial Rolling Sidetable

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Made with a hodgepodge of old junk, this steampunk sidetable is a reflection of my personality. The top and middle shelf are made of boards from a couple old hardwood pallets. On the middle shelf sits a four-drawer card file cabinet from the Department of Housing circa 1940. One drawer for each family member, complete with copper nameplates, provides a convenient landing place for keys, phones etc. The three milk crates are from Petaluma, California to Pennsylvania. The bottom shelf is made of a couple old boards from my grandfather’s old lathe stand (see entertainment stand from my last piece). The antique wheels I got on eBay. Rusty, vertical pipes conceal the LED rope lights that illuminate the shelves. I welded the frame together from new angle iron; it’s hard to come by rusty old stock so I had to bite the bullet on that one.

-- DeadwoodCreations


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