HPLV Spray Gun Rack

HPLV Spray Gun Rack

I know it’s not pretty, but was needed when you have to have 5+ guns loaded and ready to go everyday. The Rack is on a lazy-Susan and has a place to pour paint Thur the paint filters. Also room below to catch paint dips in a 2 pint bucket which I use all the time. I didn’t want to use anything fancy as we all know its gong to get covered in paint.

Andy Ostarello

Great idea Andy nice work.

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Short, sweet and simple. Like it. There is even enough room to add labels (replaceable or otherwise).

Very practical, great idea. Need to make me something similar, i only have 2 guns so dont need this fancy version, lol.

good job , it’s easier when things are right where you can get at them.