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New Wood Shop


it certainly feels good to be in the new shop. The old shop was 300 ft.² and I had to store my wood in there too. The new shop is 450 square feet and is just for working. Earlier this year for I added a 10 × 10 room to the shop to store some of the wood . Now I can include the old shop to store more wood. Both areas are almost full already. I am currently working on a nightstand for my granddaughter. I’m using oak trim that I buy for a dollar apiece some are 4 foot long some are six-foot long. I’ll post pictures of the nightstand tomorrow.


Nice, 150 sqft makes a big difference.

Thats great enjoy!

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Wonderful I am glad for you, enjoy your new shop.

-- Soli Deo gloria! ( To God alone be the Glory)

Awesome. Very nice to be able to stretch out.

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Good for you! Room for more toys!!


four saws? and all set up in a row…. now thats just bragging.
No wait now I see a clamp wall similar to a tools shop display…unbelieavable!!
Then there is the view thats something to enjoy for sure.
And whats this? now I see what looks to be a bus in the backyard as well!
Way too much room!!

What a great place to work…well deserved! I can see why your loving it.

Regards Rob

Nice looking shop but I think you need more mitre saws…

Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario