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A little box made for my dear wife of 50 + years She saw me carving the practice flower and asked if she could have it, of course, I said yes and asked if she would like it made in a box she quickly said yes. It’s made from Basswood and figured walnut

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Just a little something you ’threw together", eh? Jim, I love the simplicity of this piece, which is all about the flower! You always inspire me with your beautiful designs!

-- Amor Vincit Omnia

Very nice Jim. And congratulations on 50 years of joy. That carving looks great. ??

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Man of many talents, great carving.

-- Jack

Cindy,, Of course, it’s simple, almost everything is simple compared to your very cool work, I’m puzzled how I could inspire you considering the kind of great designs and workmanship you and Spider are always involved with. But thank you for your kind words.
Thank you Naringder I really liked your Icecream door.
Thanks, Jack you’ve done a great job on the sign you made.

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That’s sweet

Thanks Moment and Bruce.

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Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Rich

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