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Nov 2014

Jack King

Happiness is a day in the wood shop
Roanoke, Va

I am now 76 years old and “ok” health wise. As my father use to say if I had known I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself. (Not original). Been married to the same sweet lady for the past 56 years, one son who is a banker, a daughter who is in the court system and 3 grandsons who are the joy of my life.
I have been retired for 16 years after a 40 year career with the NS Corp.
I started woodworking about six years ago by building a sun deck for my son. From the day I finished that I started buying “things” and now I have a basement full of machines, wood, jigs, tools and sawdust. Not a day goes by that I don’t spend at least 3 hours down there. I can’t describe the joy and pleasure I get from woodworking. Perhaps a good day on the golf course would compare.
I have never tried to sell many things I make, either giving to family, friends, requests or good causes. Normally don’t make the same thing twice with a couple of exceptions, chess boards/tables, and Jeffersonian book stands.
I love our website and check in about everyday. I consider you guys and girls among the best friends I have. Thank you all.
Ok if you didn’t fall asleep reading this get up and go make some sawdust. Be safe.

-- Jack

Replacement top for lift top coffee table  - Woodworking Project by Jack King

Replacement top for lift top coffee table

My daughter-in-law has an older lift top coffee table that the top had started to come apart. It...

Wall wine rack - Woodworking Project by Jack King

Wall wine rack

Wall wine rack for my daughter in law. Made from walnut and used water pipes. She is into farm...

Cornhole boards  - Woodworking Project by Jack King

Cornhole boards

I was commissioned to build another set of cornhole boards by Roanoke County Parks for use at...

Walnut and Maple Chess Board - Woodworking Project by Jack King

Walnut and Maple Chess Board

This is the first thing I have put together in a good while. Made from walnut and maple, the...

Cantilevered sewing box - Woodworking Project by Jack King

Cantilevered sewing box

Sewing box is also for my sisters-in-law, to go with her spool rack. Made from maple I used...

Spooled thread holder - Woodworking Project by Jack King

Spooled thread holder

Made for a sister-in-law to hold her thread spools. Made from cherry using General Finishes jell...

In need of knowledge

Would any of you kind people have a link or website of a tutorial for cantilevers. I have a request for a sewing box with cantilevers and I don’t want to waste anymore wood. :-). Thank you in advance.

Wish for all

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, Seasons greetings, Happy Kawanzaa or your preferred greeting to all the great folks who make up our group. I wish you good health, happiness and peace.

Work bench

My work bench is a work in progress. Making it from two 5 foot pieces of laminated tops. One section is on wheels so I can use it as an L shaped or one 10 foot straight away. In the process of putting shelves underneath. Also photo of tool...

Happy Canada day!

Just like to say Happy Canada Day to all my dear Canadian friends. You guys are all great!

Very nice!!

-- Budman

Hey Jack hi Bonnie this is custom cabinet maker I was impressed with your speaker stand that you made your Reverend or priest if you remember I was asking you about it well finally got start it and as usual I’ve gone too far this one though is for a doctor friend of mine he wanted it for music not sure what instrument he plays but he’s teaching his son who plays next to him. I’ve been sick often on so it’s really taking me quite a while to get this finished but I’ll send you some pictures of how far I have gotten no remember he wants this top 2fall left and right so he can display four sheets of music at a time I’m still working on that but here’s the base the legs in and lay that I’ve gotten done so far I wish someday me and you could meet face to face I’m a little younger than you but I’ve worked on my father a cabinet maker since I was about 13 I still love her as much today as I did then then I have a feeling you know what I’m talking about well happy new year Jack and any others that read this let’s hope we have a prosperous healthy and Dusty new year

-- customcabinetmaker

-- customcabinetmaker

Thank you for the update and pic Bob, love the legs of your stand, that will be a beauty. Really sorry to hear about your health problems and I hope all of that is behind you. Have you come up with your final design for the side by side yet? I had intended to build a double stand at one time but been really busy with other things. The examples I was looking at are on Pinterest. Again hope you are feeling better and Happy New Year.

-- Jack


Just read you profile… I’m a year or so behind you; and am working hard to make the most of the productive time I have. I welcome you to the journey… it is worthwhile.