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About a year ago I started with the drawing for making a forklift. But I was bussy building the new shed and there was little time left for making the vorklift. And now there are two.

I made both from Ash and Imbuia (Brazilian walnut).

Do you want to make your own? Look for more information at my site

I’m glad with all comments, so please encourage me for doing it better next tim

This is totally cool, nice work ,I like the detail and wood choicees

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I think I could probably buy a full-sized forklift for less than you should get for such a detailed model! What great work! But I think if I tried really hard, I could come close to duplicating the pallet. LOL


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Very nice, grate work.

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the detail is very impressive .Like your choice of wood


That forklift looks so realistic with a couple of clever photos one could easily think it’s a real operating machine. Top model Jan. 

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How many tons is it good for? Great job on the build. All the moving parts came out real nice
That is a great model Duchy, always a pleasure to see your models. Well done.

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