Entryway Bench

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This is a bench I created for my entryway. In California we don’t have Mudrooms…but with winter rain it still nice to have a place to drop your stuff.

I designed this piece to be both practical and beautiful and I am really proud of this one. I wanted a place for us to be able to drop off shoes, jackets, umbrellas, hats and backpacks at the door instead of all over.

This was the first time I made dados for case work. The first time I biscuit joined pieces, and my first butterfly.I learned a lot!

1. bench slab: big leaf maple
2. Plywood case: maple ply
3. Coat hanger cross piece: sapelle
4. Trim pieces: mahogany
5. Arm rests: walnut
6. Green sides: biscuit joined pine

You did a beautiful job AND learned a lot- what’s better than that? I wish I had room for something like it in my house!

-- Amor Vincit Omnia

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