Monthly Book Giveaway - January 2023

Keepsake Box


I made this keepsake box for my granddaughter who recently joined the Air Force. I main box is made of maple and the inlay is walnut. The inside is lined with blue velvet. I made the brass plaque on the back with my CNC engraver.

Nice! This reminds me that my son asked for a larger coin rack. He’s an E-6 in the AF.

Steven- Random Orbital Nailer

Nicely done, great box joints.

Main Street to the Mountains

beautful box.  she will have that for her lifetime.

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

Beautiful keepsake for her! 

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".