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Apr 2014


Creative Artisan with a Celtic Touch
British Columbia

My interest in woodwork started many years ago in Ireland when as a child I would spend hours watching my father create amazing projects. Over the years I have done many crafts, sewing, paintings and drawings and it is only in the past few years that I now focus on woodwork. I saw my first scroll saw demonstration at a woodworking show about 15 years ago and fell in love with the craft. I'm now on my second scroll saw (Dewalt 788). Now that I have retired I can spend more time in the workshop. I also got into carving about 4 years ago and belong the Richmond Carver Society (http://richmondcarvers.com/) and enjoy combining both skills.
I am now experimenting and combining many crafting skills with my woodwork.

-- Anna

Another Cork Bag - Needleworking Project by Celticscroller

Another Cork Bag

This cross over bag i made for my great niece as a Christmas present. It has a zippered pocket in...

Cork Wallet - Needleworking Project by Celticscroller

Cork Wallet

Since some folks showed interest in the possibilities of cork fabric, I’d thought i’d post...

Cork Handbag - Needleworking Project by Celticscroller

Cork Handbag

I have always want to work with cork. After some research and checking out supplies, I found that...

Scroll Sawed Basket Weave - Woodworking Project by Celticscroller

Scroll Sawed Basket Weave

Another little basket to sit on my craft table full of supplies. The basket is from a pattern by...

Scroll sawed basket - Woodworking Project by Celticscroller

Scroll sawed basket

I love little boxes and baskets to hold some of my sewing, leather or painting supplies. They...

Gift boxes - Woodworking Project by Celticscroller

Gift boxes

My great niece asked me to make a pendant for her friend for her birthday. She wanted it in the...