Pouting Pete Carving

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“Pouting Pete”

Pouting Pete pouts about everything he lives without. He’s certainly smug, with no gratitude, Mr. Pete’s in real need of a new attitude. Neither heroic, nor stoic, nor slightly ecstatic, Pouting Pete on his feet is Mr. dramatic.

11" tall x 6 1/2" wide x 2 1/2" thick

Carved in a Hemlock knot…. I used a dark brown acrylic paint to deepen the crevices, diluted for shallow wrinkles, and diluted a bit more to shade.

I carved Pete in a single piece of knot using tools similar to those of a dentist. Some of the little bits used for this fella’ are as thin as needles :) Hope you like him :)

“Pouting Pete” will be up for auction on Ebay.com beginning tonight at 9pm eastern time. The bidding begins at 99 cents and runs for 10 days. Go to Ebay.com and type in “Josh Carte” in the search bar to find the carvings that I have up for auction at any given time. To visit my store, click on the link:

Much love!


Amazing details.
Your Etsy store looks great. Lots of inventory.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Thanks, Ianwater! Everything is always a work in progress :)


very cool. I bet it takes a lot of patience to do that.

Pete never looked so glum :) Nice carving.

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