Jewelry Box

Rich Paeth
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Found the African Mahogany by accident and had to make something of it. Wife wanted a jewelry box so here it is. The top holds earrings. To get to the back of the earrings, just slide the spring loaded panel to the right and pivot the panel down. Remove the earrings and pivot the panel back in place where it automatically locks in place. The drawers all have velvet lined cubbies and the sides open to reveal areas to hang necklaces.
The complete jewelry box was too large for the dresser so I had to make the matching table. The accent panels are all maple.

Great looking (and big) jewelry box showing excellent craftsmanship. I hope you aren’t going broke filling it up.

Mike, an American living in Norway

I forgot to mention, there are over 200 pieces in this jewelry box

i like the velvet job. Where did you find the velvet? How did you apply it? It is a technique/skill I am trying to develop.

Wow that’s quite a jewelry case.

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