Wood bear.


Love your antique toys, Sheila!

Might As Well Dance :

Nice job Sheila !

I'd rather be covered in sawdust

Thank you both! I need to do more because I love making them as well. I have some ideas and only need the time! :)


This is a real classic,I would have thought it was antique with out the description,another winner Sheila..

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Very cool, anybody would be happy to have a “Wenge” pull toy.
Love it, nice touch with the ears

This is a beautiful traditional toy ! You are a very talented Artist . I am happy that you
are able to share your works with so many people , and provide an opportunity for them to
share in your creative process .

Thank you all very much! I am so sorry to Jim and Bentlyj for not responding sooner. I didn’t think I had my setting correct, as I wasn’t getting notices.

I do appreciate your kind words. These little ‘pull toys’ that I make are just plain fun to make. I loved how the wenge resembled the dark bear fur. I really appreciate your kind comments.

Moment – I am happy you don’t mind me sharing ALL aspects of my woodworking adventure with you all. There are so many facets in creating that many don’t realize how so many things can overlap.

I wish you all a wonderful day! :) Sheila

It’s not a question of me ‘minding’ what you share, .that would be irrelevant and small minded for me to speak in that fashion .When I spoke about ’ sharing ’ I was referring to the people who buy your plans and recreate your work . Recognizing that all designs are derivative , the primary
thing that draws my attention is if the authorship of any design is claimed by artist . One may work in any style or fashion and in any medium they choose . I paint , I work with wood , metal ,
and textiles . I saw some of your embroidery recently and it was quite nice . I have done embroidery , made rugs and wall hangings . I have just as much fun with a MIG welder in
hand . I know about those ‘overlaps’ Sheila . : )

It is good to hear that, and I am happy that most of the feedback that I receive from my other interests are positive. The more I do the more I see how everything interrelates. It is difficult to draw the line between one form of creativity and another. To me, it would be like studying something from only a two dimensional photograph. While you are able to see the main characteristics, you wouldn’t see the full nuances of shape and form that it is made up of.

I look at art and creativity the same way. I learn from each medium that I use and each technique helps me focus on different aspects of design.

I find it difficult to segregate my blog according to the type of object I am creating. I suppose that is why I apologize at times. I realize that woodworkers may not be at all interested in embroidery or painting. But I feel in my heart it is impossible to separate them from my woodworking. That would be like listening to a symphony orchestra, but only allowing one or two instruments to play.

My greatest joy and satisfaction that I get from my writing is hearing that I have somehow inspired others to stretch their abilities and perhaps try something new. I have a very dear designing friend who used to admire my paintings, but swore she would NEVER be able to paint. After seeing my stories over and over in my blog, she decided to give it a try. She has been painting for about a year now and she LOVES it and is very accomplished. Every time she posts something that she painted, I just smile. Then I KNOW I am doing things right.

As I always, say – those who don’t want to read, don’t need to. I did promise to not post non-woodworking related posts here on this forum and I respect that. On those days, if you are interesting in seeing what else I am up to, you are welcome to visit my site or the other places my blog is posted. I don’t want to force anyone to read what I have to say. But I want to be here to encourage and share what I have learned when I can. And I truly enjoy learning from you all. I would love to see other’s creative endeavors as well. :)